Sunday, December 21, 2014

GMC Inquiry into suicides - Whitewash


Finally, only 10 months late and after the deadline for written submissions to the Parliamentary Health Committee, the GMC has published its report into the suicides associated with their Fitness to Practice Procedures

The whitewashed report showed  that doctors have a high suicide rate and the number of deaths associated with the GMC Fitness to Practice procedures was no more than you'd expect. These  doctors already have mental health problems, and suicide is inevitable.

However in 2013 the number of referrals to the GMC went up and so did the death rate, reaching an eye watering 20 deaths. This suggests a link between deaths and the GMC fitness to practice procedures.

Sandra Horsfall - National Patient Safety Executive - not exactly a disinterested or independent party! Hard to imagine she wasn't secretly rubbing her hands in glee at the thought of so many dead doctors.


1 - Lots of doctors under Fitness to Practice Procedures die, - 114 since 2005. Ten a year, year in year out. But only 28 of these deaths were described as suicide or likely to be suicide - the others, well Hey! people just die, don't they? No reason, they just keel over and that's it, dead as the budgie in Monty Python.  So what happened to the other 86 - no idea and who gives a toss?

2 - The GMC, because it has big responsibilities and is very busy, is not always as nice to doctors as it might be.

3 - Lets set up a Special Support Service for doctor and call it "Airy Fairy Land"  It won't cost that much and doctors are made of money. At worst, the GMC can add the cost of it to their annual registration fee. It would only be £22 a year, that is nothing. Then the GMC can pretend to be nice to doctors, even though they won't be. And the GMC's psychopathic behaviour can be rubber stamped

4 - Emotional Resiliency Training prevents suicide so lets make sure all medical students are lovely and resilient. "Evidence based medicine" I think not.

And of course, no mention of referring the GMC to the Health & Safety Executive or Court of Human Rights for Criminal Charges of Corporate Manslaughter.

Doctor Bloggs would like the following questions answered:

1) Does the GMC have any comment on the remaining 86 deaths during these five years, as this is a surprisingly large number of deaths associated with a supposedly benign process?

2) Do you have any comments on the adjacent actions in relation to any single death?

This is an anonymised case history of one such death. A young doctor in her early thirties, a consultant in a front line specialty, with bipolar disorder and other mental health problems, was due to return to work following a period of ill health. An email was sent by the GMC Fitness to Practice Directorate to her and her employers, three days before she was due to return work, indicating the GMC conditions on her registration had been changed, preventing her from returning to work. Within twentyfour hours of receiving this email, she had taken a fatal dose of drugs and died as a result of this overdose.

3) Are the GMC staff working within the Fitness to Practice Directorate aware that whoever sent that email may face criminal charges under Article 2 of the European Community Human Rights Ac?

4) Has the GMC considered that health of doctors, whilst the National Support Service is set up, is best managed by Occupational Health Physicians. This is the case with other Safety Critical professions such as pilots, train drivers and other emergency services, rather than invoking the stigma and discrimination that results from the involvement of a doctor’s regulatory body?

Answers on a Post Card to Doctor Tracey Bloggs, aka Lord Glendinning Miller, c/o the Other Side

For the record, Doctor Bloggs first wrote about this in 2008

Lest we Forget
The GMC 9 

And just in case you wondered

Nothing has changed 

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sir David Nicholson CEO NHS Lessons from History

"When the GMC attacked the Doctors
I was not a Doctor, therefore I was not concerned.
And when the doctors used the Liverpool Care Pathway,
I was not yet ill, and therefore, I was not concerned.
And when Nicholson bullied the Trusts and the Whistleblowers,
I did not have a sick relative and I was not concerned.
Then the politicians attacked me and those who were still well  --
and there was nobody left to be concerned."

Sir David Nicholson is Chief Executive of the NHS and former member of the communist party until 1983. A pseudo-socialist career politician. 

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Liverpool Care Pathway Makes Shipmen of us all

The Americans are wrong - the NHS does not have Death Panels, there are no Panels

Liverpool Care Pathway Guidelines indicate

1 - it does not need a doctor to initiate the Liverpool Care Pathway
2 - The patient does not need a diagnosis, only to look as though he or she might die
3 - There is no age limit and no need to review the decision

 Dr Jane A Barton  aka Miss Conduct 2010 from Guernsey (where it was known as the Guernsey Care Pathway) helped publicise this trend. Her work continues through other NHS Health Professionals

State Health Care (once called the NHS) means the State determines how long you live, and how you die.

Are you sure it is what you want?

Friday, October 26, 2012

13 doctors dead and counting

Dr Niall Dickson CEO  GMC

Last year 13 doctors died whilst under investigation by the GMC Fitness to Practice Directorate. If the GMC were an cardiac intensive care unit, an army recruiting barracks ( eg Deep Cut) or a geriatric ward, there might be an inquiry.

Yet when the methods used by a institution which puts itself forward as a world class centre of regulation,  are, year after year, associated with a dozen or more deaths, no one comments. Such is the staunch hypocrisy of those now ensconced in the governing institutions of this county that only appearances matter. As long as the GMC is not mentioned on the death certificate, no one is going to hold them to account.

The General Medical Council determines good medical practice, investigates complaints and breaches of that code of conduct, prepares the investigation, prosecutes, sets up the panels that decide on the evidence, set the penalty and enforces the sanctions.

And that makes North Korea look like a democracy

Spot the Clown - Boris goes undercover

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Is Kate Middleton Bored?

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Saturday, August 04, 2012

The O'limpet or Olympic family

The O'limpet family getting stuck in, stuck on, or stuck up the O'limpics

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