Wednesday, November 03, 2010

On choosing a lawyer - Find someone stupid

Find a stupid lawyer
The Law is about money. Think of it as a bonfire - only go to a lawyer when you have money to burn.

Remember the story of a lawyer and her client attacked by a bear -

The lawyer puts on his running shoes, while the client asks
"Do you think you can outrun a bear?"
the first replies "I don't have to, I only have to outrun you"

Lawyers target your money. The other side may be after your money, but your own guy has a head start and knows where you keep it. It is a battle of wits. Find a lawyer who is stupider and poorer than you, learn the law and tell them what to do. Don't let the bastards outrun you.

The nicer and kinder a professional seems, the better their bedside manner, the more finely tuned their senses are to rob you, keep you sick, unhealthy, and in the dark.

If your lawyer is brighter than you, in any area and including finance, the more he, she or it will charge you. The more intelligent they are, the more they have their own interests at heart.

It applies across the board. For example, the richer and more sensitive your doctor, the more they are inclined to keep you sick. All business men, professionals, politicians are programmed to take your money, votes, sell you surplus goods, prolong legal disputes and keep you ignorant and poor.

The more successful such individuals are, the better they are programmed to keep themselves ahead of the game. Can anyone be trusted? No - in areas that matter, make sure you know more than the professionals and use them only for technical tasks.

Choose a stupid lawyer with a bad bedside manner. That way you can keep a step ahead and be as rude as you like.

Doctor Bloggs is in the process of compiling a list of lawyers she would not touch with a barge pole

Do not forget to ask for your file when you have finished dealing with them

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tikno said...

Hello Dr. Liz Miller,
why some of your writings are impressed so antipathy against something or someone. Sometimes with hard critic.

btw, what is "Nasty Gnome Party" ?

Doctor Bloggs said...

I hope you are not a lawyer ;-)

This writing expresses my deep anguish at the way people in the UK behave towards each other.

Whether it is an overgrown state bureaucracy, lawyers maximising their fees; doctors not helping their patients; organisations such as the General Medical Council more concerned with process and regulation, rather than raising standards. The UK is riddled with greed and self interest.

The "Nasty Gnome Party" expresses that deep evil, representing "the overarching love of money, power and status" that has gripped UK society. The UK is now a collective of individuals seeking power beyond their ability and authority. Anything "Great" about Britain vanished 30 or so years ago. We are in the final throws of a dying and decadent society. At this stage, only radical treatment can save the patient.

This blogs draws attention to the worst of Britain, America and Europe, in the hope that by shining a light in our darkest corners we will be compelled to change for the better.

btw I also write other blogs, including and which are more positive

Dr Liz Miller

tikno said...

Dr. Liz Miller,
Thank for your response.

I've checked your two other blog since I first visited this blog about two years ago and commented on your post at:

But I like to read this blog and have subscribed for two years via my google's reader ;)

Ps: I like to musing of complex matters as complex as my posts.