Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ming Vase - Doctor Bloggs denies GMC money laundering charges

Doctor Tracey Bloggs issued a statement denying any involvement with the recent £53m Ming Vase money laundering auction. In her statement Doctor Bloggs denied rumours that the GMC had brought charges concerning her involvement or that her registration has been suspended. In a dramatic counterclaim, Dr Tracey Bloggs said that the Ming Vase, "found in an attic" was a GMC scam to raise money for Fitness to Practice proceedings

The bill for Fitness to Practice proceeding now tops £128 million even before the Mid Staffs allegations are brought. Mid Staffs prosecutions are conservatively estimated to cost between £10 - 20 million, paid for with doctors' GMC subscriptions. As Doctor Bloggs says, "There are always plenty more where that came from."

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Anonymous said...

Ooh those naughty lawyers - what will they think of next ?