Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dr Shibbi Robati is the new Dr Bean

Despite repeated attempts of the GMC to keep a good man down, Channel 7 has offered the Dr Shibbi Robati the leading role in their new series Dr Bean and the NHS

Dr Bean and the NHS

Dr Bean who looks as though he couldn't organise a bun in a bakery, uncovers the greedy business men who have brought the NHS to its knees, from Sir Professor Dr Peter Rub-it-in-Hard, Sir Professor Paul Fillet head of the GMC disciplinary committees, and their delightful ladies keepin-up-the Paice and Lady Sir Elliot Black Needham. Half man half woman this mottley crowd of evil doctors are headed up by Dr Niall Dickson in their attempt to subvert the cause of common healing and keep the population of the UK sick and ignorant.

At the last minute Dr Bean steps up to the plate and by a series of mysterious twists and turns produces Sir Alan's fishes, reduces waiting lists and makes sure everyone gets to see the doctor of their choice.

This nail biting thriller gets everyone on the edge of their seats, dashing for the exit.

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