Sunday, April 04, 2010

Tiger Woods, not recovering from Swine Flu

Doctor Bloggs would like to apologise for her long absence, while putting Swine Flu on her Not Fit for Anything Note.

On the other hand, Tiger Woods is not so lucky. Doctor Bloggs could not help noticing that it looked as though the poor man had collected a couple of nasty head wounds since he was last seen in public. His face also looked a bit puffy, which might have been because of the crocodile tears he cried at losing his multibillionaire dollar generating squeaky clean reputation!

On the other hand, dexamethasone causes a puffy face and is treatment for a head injury. In Doctor Bloggs' wild imagination it seems to me that Tiger Woods was struck on the left side of his head as he was getting out of his car. He may even have been sitting in the back seat! (Americans drive on the right, leaving their left side exposed!) Unfortunately, top left, where the arrow is pointing, is the part of the brain that works the arm that drives a golf ball into that little hole that has earnt him so much money.

Still, at least he's in better shape than his car, which won't drive anyone, anywhere any more.

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Mark Speed said...

Dr Bloggs, your excellent forensic work is to be applauded - no other doctor is smart enough to have noticed this!