Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The GMC 9 - data from the Health Review group

The GMC is finally showing concern over the number of doctors who die whilst being investigation under Fitness to Practice procedures. I had an email from the GMC requesting further information about the GMC 9. This data comes from the Health Review Group set up by the GMC to look their Health Procedures. After which everyone patted themselves on the back and did nothing

Of 212 doctors under the Health procedure in 2003/4 9 died. Nothing has changed, and if the GMC death rate is no longer available, it has no bearing on the one doctor a week who kills themselves. Improving mental health is about making people feel better, about themselves, about the world and about the future. Nothing that has happened in the 10 years since Shipman has reassured either the public or doctors.

Like Voodoo, the force of the GMC depends on the fear it produces in its victims. Its numerous vested interests range from Harley Street, NHS and Private Practice consortium, the drug company mafia, NuLabour, Trusts, scientology, freemasonry, misogyny, the Tavistock Clinic, and common purpose. Once doctors realise that the GMC is nothing more than a corrupt bureaucracy held held together by fear and greed, there is not a lot to be bothered about.

As Dr Rita Pal says, the danger lies taking the GMC seriously. They only weapon is fear, and once that is gone, you can see them for what they are. Of course, it is hard fighting an organisation as warped the GMC. Their approach to Dr Raj Mattu provides ample evidence of their corrupt and unholy alliance with the Trusts.

And if you can stand having your life pored over, your clinical work examined in painstaking detail, your character assassinated and your reputation destroyed, you can stand up to the GMC and if you can treat the twin imposters of triumph and disaster just the same, the GMC has little hold on you.

Alternatively take your knowledge and skills where it is appreciated. Defrocked doctors do well in the complementary medical fields where their medical knowledge and experience are widely appreciated and many are now making a good living, in fields as diverse as Health Practitioners, Coaches, Live blood analysts, colonic therapists, nutritionists, and psychotherapists as well as running training courses in medical studies.


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