Tuesday, March 02, 2010

GMC, Jane Barton, Andrew Wakefield and the Iraq Inquiry - A good day to bury bad news

GMC takes lessons from Labour
Miss Conduct, Doctor of the Year, Jane Barton (click here) gets off

The New Emperor of the General Medical Council (GMC) Niall Dickson has been found lying naked in front of the TV cameras.

'Our view was the doctor's name should have been erased from the medical register following the panel's finding of serious professional misconduct. We will be carefully reviewing the decision before deciding what further action, if any, may be necessary.'

GMC Panels are carefully selected and their verdicts written a long time in advance. Click here and click here
You mean:

"It was a divisive verdict and I am sorry about that, but if I'm asked whether I believe we're safer and more secure with Dr Jane Barton still on the medical register, I believe that we are. I do not have any regrets about the result, yes I am responsible for instructing the panel but not a single regret. I will do it again'
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In the meantime, doctors like Dr Andrew Wakefield, who ask questions or worse still whistleblow get struck off (click here).

Niall, are you are sitting on another Shipman? There are some interesting coparisons, not least that both were brought before the GMC and let off. Because, if Dr Jane Barton is another Shipman, as surely as Tony Blair will be charged with war crimes, you will be charged as an accessory to murder.

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