Monday, April 05, 2010

Peter Mandelson Hard at Work

Doctor Bloggs has some catching up to do, Peter Mandelson has not been idle. Wishing to transform his image from the Prince of Darkness to a "Simon Cowell nice boy next door image" Peter has been hard at it.

First remove affected part

Get some work done

Replace affected part

Finally, check from all angles

And who knows, now the nice Mr Peter Mandelson has got rid of that nasty frown, Doctor Bloggs might considered him as a member of the Nasty Gnome Party

Copyright (c) Nasty Gnome Party


Medical Locum Work said...

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blackdog said...

Scaffolding alone must have cost a fortune!

Doctor Bloggs said...

And the repointing wasn't cheap either ;-)

AntiCitizenOne said...


Appalling patient service managed even more dismally than the lazy staff.