Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Suspensions, Erasures and GMC hearings prior to 2001

URGENT - if you know any doctors whose licence to practice has been subjected to GMC Conditions, Suspension or Erasure, prior to 2001, please contact me urgently.

The GMC has admitted in open court that they used Predeterminations in cases prior to 2001, when computers were introduced. In other words, the panel Chairman decided the verdict before the hearing took place and by consequence, whatever happened in the hearing was, therefore irrelevant. You might as well have sung the National Anthem

This does not mean that they do not still decide the verdict in advance, it is just harder to prove.

Prior to 2001, the Predetermined Verdict was placed in the accused file. You need to get a Subject access request and then get a copy of your file from the GMC.

The High Court takes a dim view of Predeterminations. Justice Forbes does not like to see the legal process brought into disrepute.

If you know anyone who has had a run in with the GMC prior to 2001, please get in touch urgently at Liz@moodmapping.com Time is not on your side because the decision to allow such cases to be appealed was made in June 2009 and the clock is ticking

Further information is available from GMCinjustice.org Click here

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Anonymous said...

I often feel like making a comment to your blogs, a worthy contribution, but I am afraid that the constant plugging of your book prevents me from doing so.

Perhaps you could cease this and then you might be taken seriously?

Anonymous said...

I often feel that I would like to respond to your postings, a worthy contribution, but the never ending plugging of your 'book' prevents me from doing so.

Perhaps you could stop this and then you may be taken a little more seriously?

Anonymous said...

I apologise for the previous two comments - I did not think the first had registered - as I have just delved further into your blogs.

I did not realised that you had a diagnosis of a mental illness and that you are fighting DoctorNet.uk or whatever it is to stop them ridiculing you. Hippocratic Oath - make this hypocrates oath, the uncaring bastards! Sorry!

Dr. Liz Miller said...

First - I want people to read the book. It is the "clean oil" and "everlasting light bulb" of mental health.

The reason it is in the formatting of each post, is because the posts travel places and the book provides background to my postings. However I take your point about the marketing - in the UK, "less is more", in the US "more is everything"

If you would like me to send you a copy of the book, please email me I am happy to you an early Christmas present. I make approximately 50p per copy and my "publishers discount" is smaller than Amazon's. It will not make me rich, but may, in due course provide a nice little earner for my nieces and nephews.

My "mental health problem" makes me all but unemployable - see www.dontgetmad.org.uk

People do not take me seriously, not because I plug my book, but because they do not take health, mental health, democracy, and politics seriously.

As far as DoctorNet.UK are concerned, they have agreed not to allow posts about me or my book in the light of previous events. If there are posts "slipping through the net" please report them to the forum moderators. I also do not like DNUK's attitude to patients, patients with mental health problems "nutters" and nurses, whom they call "noctors" (ie not a doctor). It is not the basis for mutual professional respect.

For my part, "I blog therefore I am" ;-)