Saturday, November 21, 2009

Job hopping managers in the NHS

Lions led by Donkeys - the modern NHS healthcare worker

Where the troops died in the trenches of WW1 and Britain stood alone against Europe, patients now die in the beds of the NHS

The NHS was set up to provide medical care for the working people of this country. Its purpose, to help people recover from illness without being concerned about medical bills and get back to work. The NHS has become the largest bureaucracy in Europe and the third largest in the world. Equally, the welfare state was set up to protect people from the worst effects of poverty. The Welfare State has mutated into Social Services (the SS) and has also developed a life of its own.

Worse, as a self serving bureaucracy, the NHS has been infiltrated, if not strangled by management consultants.

The NHS spends at least £350 million a year on Management Consultants or Consultoids (I use the term Consultoids, because in the NHS, the term Consultant has a different meaning.) Of the £350 million, at least £273 million was on projects unrelated in any shape or form to patient services. Management Consultoids damage the NHS in the following way

1 - Money spent on Management Consultoids, is not spent on NHS patients or staff
2 - Real NHS management is dumbed down, because the interesting and challenging jobs go to outsiders
3 - A nasty web of paid for political contacts is built up
4 - Management Consultoid culture infects NHS service ideals
5 - No one is accountable. Once a Management Consultoid has finished the project, he or she is off, clutching their pay check bonus and slip for promotion

Management Consultoids have brought a JP Morgan, DeLoitte or KPMG culture into NHS management, where "drive, ambition and potential" matter more than the ability to do the job.

Now as an NHS manager, it no longer matters how you do your job, or whether you do your job only that you are seen to display "drive, ambition and potential". What was long suspected, was made clear in a recent article in the (Health Service Journal Click here)

Senior NHS managers are laying themselves open to accusations of lack of commitment by “job hopping”, according to Royal College of Nursing chief executive Peter Carter. He went on to say that there are “copious examples of where criticism [of managers] is deserved”. Part of the blame lay in the “huge turnover and lack of commitment” among senior NHS managers.

The comments on this article were as interesting as the article

At best they report "I would have been delighted to stay in one post, but not only are there glass ceilings, I was the subject of re-organisation constantly. In the end, if there is no organisational loyalty to the indivdual, it becomes evident by churn"

At worst "If you don't move every couple of years you are seen as lacking drive and ambition! And you can always say you were responsible for some initiative or another (even if you didn't start or see it through)".

What purpose does Job Hopping serve? What common nebulous self serving framework does is suggest? is it ok to make mistakes as long as you are not bothered by them? does it doesn't matter if you don't know what you are doing? can you lead without authority as long as no one notices? work in a non-job as long as you bring a sufficiently bizarre set of values? including tying your son to an anchor rope on a boat; are overpaid and you get promoted well above your ability. Sounds like the blueprint of a lot of modern NHS Management.

Check out Tax Payers Alliance to see what you can do about it

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Anonymous said...

I always enjoy reading your comments left on HSJ. Loved the innocuous way you recently dropped in the phrase "common purpose" in yet another bang on reply, re "Future NHS chief execs 'put off' by TV dramas". Don't know if I'll still have access to comments after HSJ's subsription changes 4/12. If not, I may well be turning up here more often.

I see you're familiar with the work of Brian Gerrish. People definitely need to unite in the community in meaningful ways... I do wonder where some hopeful looking platforms are really leading to? So much talk of 'treason' by government and of instigating 'civil disobedience' but no actual action as yet? Conference tickets and t-shirts are sold, books are written and touted and nothing changes. Is it just early days or another spin to put us in a daze?

I'm still laughing at the Lisbon Treaty ratification date of 1/12. EU, the constant Totalitarin state of emergance/y. Corpus Jurus rules now, does it? I don't know? Who does? It's another inside job of a long running saga. Dialling 5/11 for Vengeance seems a bit strong but what will change the corporate charade of profit at any cost? Buying books and thinking differently, alone...isn't enough.

Gotta keep on keeping on...Liz Miller, you rock!! ;-j

Anonymous said...

p.s. I don't quite get the account identity selection gubbins on here? The name's James, aka ELGROOVER lol ;-j

Dr. Liz Miller said...

I agree the lack of action concerns me - especially with some of the organisations involved Brian Gerrish works hard, both collecting information and making sure we know about it

The question is how will each one of us put it into action.

My action plan is - get myself right, be as fit, as health and as robust as I reasonably can be

My area of expertise is medicine and psychology - my action is to help people become as fit and as healthy as they can be, mentally and physically

In addition, where I can ask questions where I can make changes, where I can challenge people to think differently and act differently, I will. I write letters where I can and point out the obvious where I can.

Ultimately each one of us has to do what we can, for most of that will be little things, and together little things make a difference. Not to give in to the bureaucracy at any level. To support other people as much as possible, to build communities, to talk to people.

There is no need yet for civil disobedience - no one in the UK is forced to eat rubbish, or to have the flu vaccine. My mission is to help people be healthy, so that they do not need the drugs that damage them.

My personal revolution is in health - mental and physical and the question each one of us must as - Where is your personal revolution taking place?

Many thanks James aka ELGROOVER