Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Common Porpoise - The Purpose of Leading without Authority,

The Common Porpoises' (read more - click here) purpose is becoming more extreme as it insinuates itself widely into bureaucracy. Whilst other sea mammals are suffering the effects of environomental pollution and fishing, the Common Porpoise seems able and with purpose to swim into the power vacuum created by the extinction of more natural sea creatures.

The result of being able to Lead Without Authority is shown in the photo where the Porpoise leads the trusting and now rare dolphins into a trap it set earlier. Click here for more information about the extent of the Common Porpoise infiltration into daily life.

The Common Porpoise or The Purpose of Leading without Authority is different from, for example dolphins, because it lacks a fine and sensitive nose. The Common Porpoise is also dumb, lacking the dolphins' compassion, songs and language that dolphins use to help and heal humans in distress. Click here for more information about Dolphins

The Common Porpoise has, with purpose, come into our lives is seen because its picture is on a Twenty Pound Note, which shows its attachment to our money. The new Twenty Pound note symbolises its take over of government.

Whether this is an accident or done on porpoise needs more research. Doctor Bloggs is currently searching for links between the Common Porpoise and the Nasty Gnome Party

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