Friday, November 13, 2009

The Nasty Gnome Party's first official visit to Britain

Have you noticed nothing works anymore? The hospital service is all but destroyed, the school system in ruins and the legal system corrupt. The councils are inefficient and the country so bound in up red tape that you need special permission to exercise even simple liberties such as seeing a doctor.

The secret work of the Nasty Gnome Party can be found everywhere. For the last fifty years, Britain has faced a hidden threat, bent on the destruction of Britain, by destroying British values, British democracy and everything decent in this country.

Nowadays everything is allowed as long as you personally have something to gain. You can do anything from swindling expenses, acquiring a large pension, and putting other people lives at risk. If you can show that you personally made a profit, you are beyond the law!

On the other hand, if you express any ideology apart from greed and self interest, for example, if you help someone else without charging them, if you look for the truth in science, politics, management and service, at best, you will find your career destroyed, at worst, like Dreyfuss you will find yourself in prison for twenty years for a crime you did not commit.

Doctor Bloggs and other UK bloggers have recently noticed the extent of this threat
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Doctor Bloggs documents the Nasty Gnome Party's (NGP) first official visit to Britain. The NGP is here to contact collaborators already working for them and to assess the state of the Britain first hand. The Nasty Gnome Party is putting the final touches to its plan UK Operation Takeover

Over the coming weeks and months you will find out whether the modest heroes of Britain who saved Europe from fascism in two World Wars, can again keep Britain safe and rescue the world from a totalitarian dictatorship.

Members of the Nasty Gnome Party arrive at their UK base

The wicked Queenettes Gigi and Georgie officially welcome the NGP

The wicked Queenette Gigi gets to know her guests

NGP members rest after their long journey from Wertheim in Germany

An NGP member meets and greets a British native

To be continued


peter a. said...

I've been seeing these gnomes for some time -- years in fact. It's not quite like hearing voices, but if it were light I could be seeing one at the bottom of my neighbour's garden now. They ARE there. As to their influence? Wasn't John Major's father something to do with gnomes?

Dr. Liz Miller said...

You have an amazing knowledge of gnomology. John Major's father Tom Major-Ball who died at the age of 83 when Major-Ball Junior was 18 did have a garden ornament and gnome business

John Major went on to become a member of the Institute of Bankers

I also fear you may be right, there are quite possibly large numbers of gnomes active in the UK, working under cover of darkness.

peter a. said...


There he sits, biding his time.
I'm snow white
waiting for animation.
And where are the other six?
They're forming a cabinet.

The cartoonist has drawn
one-eyed Gordon and parades
meaningless dilemmas to taunt him.

The spectacle amuses those playing-to-watch, the
chatterers who depend on no-one
-- or think they don't.

Snow White is sad and
cannot draw enough irons from
the fire to save him. She's no artist.
Cyclops blunders and wonders where the justice is.

The clan from Oz print their papers,
making haters.
The din subsides,
we're left fairground rides.
An eked-out country,
fit for heroes
but prepared for Neroes.

Dr. Liz Miller said...

Poetry for the Gnomes - many thanks, they would like to convey their appreciation :-)