Sunday, December 06, 2009

Care Quality Commission - now headless as well as toothless

Baroness Young resigns as head of the Care Quality Commission.

According to Baroness Young of Old Scone, the Care Quality Commission is the Best in the Care Quality Commission in the World. Since the Care Quality Commission is the Worlds Only Care Quality Commission, ergo it is the World's Best Care Quality Commission. Nowhere else needs one. Because civilised countries manage their health care system with less than 144 Health and Social Care Regulatory Bodies.

The Care Quality Commission heads up (or should it tails off? - now the CQC has lost its "Topknot") 144 UK Health and Social Care Regulatory Bodies. This is also a world record, because I doubt even Soviet Russia's centralised totalitarian economy had 144 Health Care Regulatory Bodies.

That is 144 quangos (aka "Jobs for Politicians' Friends"), paying at least 100 K per chief executive, because you can't get a good one for less, with equal amounts for expenses and Board Jollies. At a rough guess, and it is a rough guess - Health Regulation is costing this country well over £28 million pounds a year in salaries and expenses - and what do we get for the most expensive Health Regulation in the Western World?

We get the World's Worst Hospital system in the Western World. No point going into details here, when you can read them elsewhere Click here for a link and Click here

The trouble Baroness, as you found out to your cost, is that when you "Lead Beyond Authority" sooner or later you discover, you have no authority, and as the Queen of Hearts said in Alice in Wonderland "Off with their Heads"

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angus said...

No surprise there Liz, The HcC was bad enough but the CQC is even worse, I wonder how much her pay off will be for failing?

Dr. Liz Miller said...

That's true - no one leaves empty handed!