Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What is racist, homophobic, prejudiced and not the GMC?

Show trials whilst parading the bodies of the dead and living dead. GMC news reports the case of "a doctor didn't attend their GMC hearing". So you thought you could just walk away and the GMC wouldn't notice you had not attended to hear their verdict on your "misconduct"?

If you don't turn up for your execution, or defend yourself in their show trial, the GMC will erase you and publicly drag your body through the streets. The GMC will highlight your case in their "warnings to doctors" with enough details for your friends, family, future employers and anyone with an ounce of initiative to find your identity. They will send your corpse to every doctor in the land trussed up in a copy of GMC News.

In the meantime the GMC lets those who help people to die in the name of the "palliative care" are allowed to practice with impunity. Step forward Robbie Powell's doctors and Dr Ann J Barton.

The extra- quasi-judicial sanctions of the GMC include

1 - By harrying you to suicide. In 2003/4; 9 of 215 doctors prior to any hearing quasi-judicial investigation by the GMC died, three at least, were through suicide

2 - Deaths, disease and marriage breakup secondary to the stress of drawn out proceedings where your life is laid bare for every newspaper to devour. Eaton published a paper around 2004 on the mortality and morbidity associated with GMC proceedings. It was in the region of 30%

Living death
1 - Financial ruin
The Defence Unions run out on you, leaving you with legal bills that would sink a Rothschild. The GMC using its member subscriptions can bet the bank and its reserves, to raise enough complaints against you, until you and your family are homeless and destitute

2 - Reputational Ruin
The GMC allows enough misinformation to leak into the newspapers, not least through its own barristers' innuendos, to make Max Moseley blush.

3 - Clinical Ruin
Modern Prescreening employment forms ensure that even a minor brush with the GMC means you never work again.

As you sow, so shall you reap

For the record Public's trust in profession betrayed by General Medical Council

Judge Michael will be soon be sitting, and like Judge Judy, he rehears cases that come before the General Medical Council and gives his own verdict. If, for example, your colleagues will not cooperate with your assessment, without which you get struck off, it is understandable that a naive, newly qualified young doctor might do something, that with, hindsight was silly. No one died, and there is more to this case than meets the eye. Yet the GMC have paraded this parody before the nation. Disproportionate is the word that comes to mind.

Makes a nonsense of confidentiality

Cheer up love, you are better off without them. And the answer to my question - "you think of something, I cant."

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angus said...

Err, Ok I give up:)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the end for the GMC

(1) Financial ruin £5.2 million in November (with a few other cases to follow ...) www.gmcinjustice.org

(2) Reputational ruin - already in tatters.

(3) Clinical ruin. Exposing the contradictions of Good Medical Practice.

( ..appropriate funereal music .. )

Anonymous said...

What are they suffering from ?

(a) Shipmania

(b) Shipmaniasis

(c) Shipelectasis

(d) all of the above