Monday, October 12, 2009

Hillingdon World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health day at Hillingdon is a bit special!

A full day of talks, events, music reading and Drama for and by users

Highlights included Casi Dylan talking about reading groups - where a few people get together to read. Something happens when we tell each other stories, we learn in a different way and the common experience is deeper. Casi read to us from David Copperfield and it was enchanting

John O'Donoghue and I swapped books - author of Sectioned Click here for more details He is a wonderful writer, never mind the content, he could write well about anything - vivid and immediately engaging!

Music in Mind, whose next performance is December 17th, brought us that campfire feeling at 11.15 am, so much so that even I joined in.

Students at Uxbridge College put on a drama about mental health that had the power of a Greek tragedy, asking and answering questions with a power that only the young have.

Have you ever laughed on purpose, deliberately practising different types of laughter in order to exercise your laughter buds? It is free and fun, and a discipline of yoga devoted to it, and an instant pick me up.

How to sum up the day? which was my impossible task - so much richness, an instantly effective dose of antidepression! We need more of this and less pills and chemical substitutes, less isolation, fewer drugs and more companionship and more friendship. We are here together and there is a lot of fun to be had learning to live teogether in a healthier and more fun way!

Many thanks Priscilla for inviting me. I felt priviledged to be part of the celebrations and part of your group. Without doubt Hillingdon is a healthier place for the work of Hillingdon Mind, Healthy Hillingdon and the students from Uxbridge College


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