Friday, October 09, 2009

World Mental Health Day Cards

Last year I spent World Mental Health Day at Uxbridge Mind. They have been kind enough to ask me back.

Life being what it is, my project to get World Mental Health Day Cards into stores has not progressed far. I wrote to one or two large card manufacturers and to Sir Alan in memory of his Apprentice programme which gave me the original idea. Too much Spam and junk mail means it is no longer rude to ignore correspondence, even personal correspondence.

World Mental Health Day cards are meant to be recycled. If you, like me hate throwing away stacks of Christmas cards, still with a vague twinge of conscious take them to Sainsbury's recycling points, World Mental health Day Cards are meant to be re-used. Literally!

Inside, the greeting is from you to your friend, and your friend can re-use this card to send it to another friend. World Mental Health Day are meant to be recycled, literally. They collect love and good wishes as they go through life until they finally fall apart. Anyone can write on a Mental Health Day card, there is no standard greeting beyond "Happy Mental Health". Please download as necessary and send your own World Mental Health Day card.

Last year Uxbridge Mind were kind enough to ask me to go and speak at their World Mental Health Day celebrations. This year, they have been kind enough to ask me back. Last year was wonderful and I am looking forward to another great day, where we celebrate our Mental Health with music words and poetry.

Being asked back is a new experience for Doctor Bloggs, whose childhood was full of places "we couldn't go back to". It was twelve years before my brother and I realised you could to stay at the same hotel for longer than two nights in a row. Some time ago, my parents admitted the reason behind our juvenile "touring holidays" was simply, after a couple of days "us, the children" even the most robust Hotelier had had enough and asked them to move on.

Happy Days! and may you take Happy Mental Health with you, where ever you go.


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A Nutt said...

I think many people would agree with me that people look at the phrase Mental Health and all they see is Mental Illness. This is exactly why World Mental Health Day is only celebrated within the mental health community. The general population isn't going to celebrate World Mental Illness Day - they are walking around scared that they will catch it from us.

Dr. Liz Miller said...

I fear you are right - I hope the greeting "Happy Mental Health" may fry their brains a little
Nonetheless if the "typicals" as the autistic spectrum boys and girls call the "less gifted" in our society, don't want to join the party, lets make it their problem, not ours ;-)