Friday, August 14, 2009

Swine flu - not lethal enough, vaccinate then decimate

It may sound mad, but this hypothesis is about to be tested on a massive scale.

The government predicts

The government predicts that there will be a second wave of swine flu, more lethal than the first.

Swine flu needs a boost. 44 deaths in over 100,000 infections and cases falling off rapidly is reassuring nothing terrible is about to happen.

Governments and the WHO need to raise the mortality of swine flu. What better way of boosting mortality than by injecting everyone, especially those who are not as strong as the rest of us, the chronically ill, children, the old, or pregnant with a "Swine Flu Vaccination", or "Swine Flu DNA".

Doctor Bloggs predicts

Doctor Bloggs predicts that mortality from swine flu will rise. Especially amongst those who are vaccinated.

Pregnant women may miscarry and there will be fetal malformations amongst pregnant mothers. Because every pregnant woman will be vaccinated, it will be impossible to tell what has caused this rise in malformations. Swine flu will be blamed.

The Government is wrong about every major threat to health. It was wrong about Mad Cow disease - no threat to human health, have another hamburger. Wrong about testing for HIV in donated blood, apologies to everyone who now has HIV and hemophilia. Wrong about improving the NHS, worse than ever, despite doubling its funds. It has always been good in parts, that was not the problem. Wrong about Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq.

Do you seriously think the government has got it right about swine flu?

Years ago, swine flu would have been a "Summer Cold". Under the aegis of governments desperate to provide every last penny for Big Pharma, it has become "Swine Flu". I am told, on excellent authority, the expiry date on packets of Tamiflu is December 2009! what a surprise.

Advice based on common sense

Don't take Tamiflu - it won't help, especially if you are a child
Don't get vaccinated - this is likely to make round II worse.
If you are pregnant - stay healthy and don't get vaccinated or take Tamiflu

Click here for updated Swine data, showing confirmed (as opposed to estimated) cases and mortality

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angus said...

Common sense.....Hmm sadly lacking in the NHS, and the Gov.

Good post Liz, let's hope people will listen to you:)

Dr. Liz Miller said...

thanks ;-)

Swine Flu Britain said...

The date in which swine flu vaccines will be given to high risk groups is coming ever closer.

In the biggest vaccination programme in over 40 years will you have a swine flu vaccine if offered?

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Swine Flu Vaccine

Dr. Liz Miller said...

What do you think?

Swine flu or a "Summer Cold" to use an old fashioned name, is a ridiculous waste of money. How about putting some resources in MRSA or C Difficile which we know kills people.

That is far harder. It needs more staff, more time and more people to do the job. And of course it does not concentrate money in the hands of Big Pharma, and the Medical Industrial Complex.