Sunday, August 09, 2009

Niall Dickson takes up his appointment as CEO at the GMC

Good Luck Niall and to all who fly with you

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Anonymous said...

Open letter to Niall Dickson.

On 1 January 2010 you will have in your in-tray:

(1) Wakefield, Walker-Smith, Murch's decision
(2) Southall's appeal against erasure
(3) GMC Predeterminations
(4) GMC accused of "show trials"
(5) GMC Revalidation - and how to pay for it !!!
(6) Meltdown in the GMC Investigation Office as we find out how bad their processes really are ?
(7) FOI from Blackstone Chambers and Field Fisher Waterhouse to find out how much they have taken out of the public purse (mis) prosecuting doctors over the past five years.
(8) Mr Justice Collins' retirement remarks about the nature of the GMC and its jurisdiction
(9) LJJ Smith and Thomas "on the warpath" about absence of separation of powers, civil standards, conflicts of interests of GMC Panel chairs, unfair GMC Performance Assessments, etc
(10) The outing of the GMC Press Office for fanning vexatious complaints.

Oh - and the GMC's Top Ten list of doctors on their hit list.

Count Rubin is not going to take the heat - it is all for you - with a change of government loosening a few loyalties.

Isn't chronic diseases at the Kings Fund a little safer ?

Dr. Liz Miller said...

lol - at least it would be if it wasn't true ;-)

Dr Helen Bright said...

Congratulations to Mr Niall Dickson. The task may seem daunting but surely he would delegate. The higher the position, the less stress!
And anything that happened before, well, he would not be attached to it. Firstly, there will be the honeymoon period, the second phase the skeletons approaching from everywhere(many in-trays) and finally, partial victories,submission to the voice of the crowd and departure.
What about whistleblowers? Whistleblowers get blown away by the introduction of changes through the back door. How can one argue with a person who agrees with you through his actions?
So, eventually, whistleblowers win what they are fighting for, but at the huge costs to themselves and others. It can take the whole life span to achieve some things and sometimes centuries for humans to move on from a particular belief system.
In a dysfunctional world that is how things happen. In healthy situations all people are mature, non-damaged, open, responsible, capable, friendly, energetic, brave, and beautiful. Now,where did I see that?