Sunday, August 09, 2009

The Great Swine Flu Swindle - tested on children

Wondering why the government is so keen on the swine flu panic, oops - the pig flu pandemic?

Click on this link for the full story about Glaxo Welcome starring role in the Great Swine flu swindle

GlaxoSmithKline: A Swine Flu Windfall?

"British drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline has orders for its swine flu vaccine from 16 countries and is in talks with 50 more British pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline is set to reap billions as fear of the swine flu pandemic grows. The world's second-largest drug company has secured orders from 16 countries for 195 million doses of the vaccine it is developing against the H1N1 virus, which has killed more than 740 people worldwide. "

At $10 a shot, when did any government spend 20 billion dollars to avert 740 deaths?

With 20 billion dollars, you could elimate malaria, give every child in Africa clean drinking water or pay GlaxoSmithKline. So why are western governments choosing to give money to Big Pharma. Are the ministers frightened or are they getting kickbacks?

Remember the story of the Pied Piper

First he took the rats and then he took the children.
In this case, the rats in the Department of Health have arranged for Swine flu vaccine to tested directly on children
More from the Daily Mail

Swine flu is the most benign flu yet to emerge on the international flu scene. And giving people an untested vaccine to "protect" them against a non-threat is madness, if not murder.


angus said...

Great post Liz, Kickbacks? now there's a surprise.

Wasn't there someone called Mengler who experimented on children and was a wat criminal.

So does that make the UK Gov a peace criminal?

Dr. Liz Miller said...

lol - cept it won't be funny when we see the damage that swine flu vaccine does.

Mike said...

195 million times ten dollars is 2, rather than 20, billion dollars, but fair point all the same. Good post.

Mike said...
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Mike said...

Oh, and GSK is donating 50 million of those doses, bringing the cost to 1.5 billion dollars, spread across a number of different governments. Since it is selling the vaccine at less than ten dollars to developing countries, the total cost is decreased still further.
I don't disagree that this is a poor way to spend money, but the cost is more than an order of magnitude lower than 20 billion dollars!

Dr. Liz Miller said...

I am not used to doing sums at that level ;-) is a hundred million dollars a billion or a tenth of a billion? ;-)