Friday, August 14, 2009

Dan Hannon MEP gives an alternative view point

Dan Hannon's views on the NHS and the economy - Finally a politician speaking out. It's OK David, don't apologise, he is intelligent and outspoken!!

Dan Hannon MEP gives Mr Brown some facts

The NHS (probably) serves the bottom 10% of this country as well as any country serves this section of the population. The top 10% are rich enough to choose what they do. The middle 80% have low expectations and are grateful for anything they do not have to pay for directly.

This 80% are better served elsewhere, in Germany, Poland, Italy. In conversation with a Somali refugee worker, concerning health tourism. "Refugees do not come to Britain for their health care any more, they go to Germany and to Italy. They know the treatment is better there." When homeless refugees turn their noses up at the NHS we know we are in trouble.

In the US - UK Healthcare debate, big business is on opposing sides. In the US it is on the side of overpriced private health care. In the UK big business is best served by the NHS which they supply and control. In summary, Big Business is against change because when there is change, business suffers. Their business.

In the meantime, the NHS has gone from being Cheap and Inefficient to Expensive and Inefficient

with nothing in between

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Robert said...

Neither system is perfect. That said I am still waiting for the politician to inform me how the NHS continues when UK population is expected to reach 70 million? Somewhere, there is an inbalance, but no comment from any main political party.

Dr. Liz Miller said...

I agree - and this argument about whether one system is better or fairer than another should not be allowed to cover the failings in both systems.

The only way to manage the increasing cost of health care worldwide is to prevent ill health. Eat a healthy diet, and have plenty of exercise. It is that simple!