Thursday, March 05, 2009

Dr Rita Pal

One or two doctors end up before the GMC because they are bad doctors, the rest are there because one way or another, the GMC doesn't like them.

The Labour Party doesn't like Shred Goodwin, but that doesn't mean they can take back the nice pension they gave him before they realised how upset everyone would be. They understand that they can't break the law. If only the GMC had such insight.

What is the difference between a GMC panellist and a GMC affiliate? In practical terms, not much, except the GMC affiliate will be more open about their loyalties.

Dr Steve Choong is a GMC panellist. aka Dr Lin Sun Choong Kam Chong BA MB BCh BAO MRCPsych MBA (beware of people with more than one name!) Dr Steve Choong has been anything but open about his loyalties, and he is not even a GMC affiliate, whose job would be to look after GMC interests within the Trusts.

Steve was involved in representing his Trust in disclosing material about Dr Pal to the GMC because she wrote (or rather repeated) information already in the public domain and put a link in her blog? - Yes, it really is that trivial!

The NHS has become a place of petty fiefdoms, politics and local dictators. When standards fall, usually because the wrong people are in charge, individuals have gained unreasonable political power at the expense of the community. This is often the case of the Medical Directors and the "soon to be Doctor Chief Executives".

The GMC likes these "Yes Men" and "Yes Women" because they are "people like us". In the same way that NuLabour likes people like Mr Findlay Scott and Mr Catto.

Cases where a medical/clinical director has become got above themselves
and for those with more salacious tastes

No one can be too careful. I personally have requested all the personal information that the GMC has about the Data Protection Act. They have had my money for well over 40 days.

Their first attempt did not include, amongst other things, any of the details of the volumous correspondence I have had with them over the years about doctors' mental health. I can't believe they lost it all. I complained and I am now dealing with the GMC, DPA Complaints Department. Yes they have a Complaints department.

Every doctor (person) in the country needs to know what their regulatory body and employer is saying about them. This is true, not just for doctors, for everyone - for a letter template click here.

The UK has not been so politicised since Elizabethan Times, when an illegitimate love child seized the English throne and formalised a national and international Spy Network to protect her interests.

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Henry North London said...

-----Original Message-----
From: Gillian Needham
Sent: 19 July 2008 10:18
To: PAICE, Elisabeth
Subject: Re: FW: DNUK
Thanks Lis. Quite shocking.
I will discreetly pursue.
Thank you.
>>> "PAICE, Elisabeth" 19/07/08 09:08 >>>
Dear Gillian
I thought I should bring the letter below to your attention. It is a posting on DNUK from a doctor whose DNUK profile identifies him as xxxxxxx, an StR year 3 in general surgery. He signs off as 'from Inverness' so I imagine he is one of yours. I read the DNUK fora from time to time and came across his posting in the 'air your views to the media' forum, which clearly states it is open to journalists.It is therefore intended as a public statement of his views. I wrote to Sir Cyril Chantler, who is the chair of the DNUK board, as soon as I saw it. It has now been modified with all the scatological languiage removed. I have been assured that further steps will be taken to stop this kind of behaviour. I thought you should be aware, as you may feel that this posting, which was up for at least 5 days before it was altered, is evidence of unprofessional behaviour in one of your trainees. He may of course be unwell. I would be grateful if you would not circulate this further than absolutely necessary, as the fewer people read it the better.
Kind regards

This email is at the GMC headquarters

The bitch actually tried to libel him

peter a. said...

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subrosa said...

Interesting, thanks Liz. I'll put a link to you on my blog. Saw your post on Steve's Daily Referendum.

Dr. Liz Miller said...

Thanks Subrosa :-)