Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Perpetual food machine

try this for breakfast, you may choke on your Kelloggs nut crunchies


Trevor Malcolm, Portsmouth, Hampshire said...



Who in their right mind would think of allowing a strict vegetarian, like myself, to review and comment upon the benefits of scoffing burgers? An item I’ve never tasted, nor have any plans to

This is indeed a rare and appreciated honour, thank you. Let’s hope my objective, unbiased cluelessness would make me the ideal reviewer for this video clip on burger-eating

Responsible for this 5 minute, 23 second, clip of this YouTube video, an “Obesity Activist” named Julia Havey, a reformed fast-food junkie, now a published author, promoting her weight-loss book, “Awaken the Diet Within”

Still, we do live in a highly visual culture that reveres slimness as sexy and attractive, overweight as the exact opposite. Harsh but true. Worse, first visual impressions of the lady “slimming expert” is that she’s abit stoutly-built and robust. Amongst her harsher critics, some plump for the adjective – FAT

See, I resorted to the time-honoured journalistic technique, “vox populi” – the voice of public sentiment in the text comments that followed the video: free of spin, vested interests. The cruel feedback included “She don’t eat it, yet she still that fat?!”

My own favourite reads: “ … I shoved a hamburger up my butt. And it came out my mouth all healthy … “ – quite so, sir: thank you for sharing your experience with us.

When viewers’ passing comments prove more entertaining, amusing and informative than the original video-post, how seriously we are meant to take this screening remains debatable. With productions this spartan and low-budget, skip the YouTube videoclip-viewing and settle for this review, a taste of what you’re missing

If you submitted such a storyline as an on spec BBCtv “Monty Python” sketch, it would’ve been turned down as dull, outlandish and implausible. How many authors carry four-year-old “Big Macs” around in their hand luggage, on their travels? What’s it meant to prove, exactly?

We already know even some of the starving might flinch at the mere thought of dead lumps of animal flesh, served up in a white bread bap, this unappetisingly, alongside French fries. Yet, it won’t stop junk-food outlets doing a roaring trade again tonight

Trevor Malcolm
Portsmouth Hampshire


Dr. Liz Miller said...

I agree Trevor, this is a low budget movie.

I have started my own collection of "old food". I had to get rid of a packet of five month old Sainsbury's iced buns recently because they had started to go mouldy. However my Kipling cakes are doing fine and as for the biscuits, as good (or bad) as the day I bought them ;-)

I agree the context of this film is slightly dubious, nonetheless the content is fascinating ;-)