Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Putting up the Card - Happy Birthday GMC!

Back in September, I wrote a little piece about the GMC not mentioning its birthday, I linked to their site and Dr Rita Pal and I got them cake!

And guess what, they had a little party after all!

Freely available modern wizardry enables bloggers to see who has been looking round their site. The GMC prowl blogs regularly but here, they always go straight to their birthday post!! - a bit like Billy no mates, all dressed up and nowhere to go. And lo and behold a couple of months later, they invited a few friends round and had a party!! with a special card, which they stuck on the wall.

It seems a bit bold to suggest that the two events are linked, but we live in strange times!! it always surprises me the lengths that institutions will go to preserve their appearances, and the interest that they take in certain individuals. I saw one patient who came in and before he sat down said "You know they write down everything I say". This might have seemed absurd but that the railway company concerned had sent along two dossiers of transcribed conversations to show me how completely mad he was.

Well I never Mr Catto, fancy meeting Princess Anne!

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