Wednesday, August 01, 2012

TEAM GB - Victims of Positive Psychology

Day 5 in the Big Brother Compound, and Team GB moves into 21st position in the medal table.

Day 5 in the Big Brother Compound and Team GB enjoys a Barbie

Doctor Tracey Bloggs condemns the good morale and positive attitude of Team GB. Each expensive, nouveau riche, British athlete finishing placed 5th or worse has praised the audience, thanked everyone for their support, what a wonderful opportunity and how much they enjoyed it, and that they were going to walk away with the POSITIVES.

 In China, they would be shot and Russia exiled to Siberia.

Everyone in the final has a chance. But Team GB have NLP castles in the air, which let them retreat to their happy place and produce a piss poor, physically painless performance.The only man prepared to speak out about this dismal tide of failure is about to be publicly flogged and stripped of his position. Densign White, GB judo coach, said yesterday  "You hear all these excuses - this one has a course to finish, or that problem. You only have one chance to be at this level, you have to make sacrifices"

The cost of the O'Limpets their Family, their sponsors, Badbury, Coco Rola and MacDeath, the Army, shutting down and locking up London will be measured in squillions as the British recession enters its fourth or fifth dip. Property prices throughout the capital will drop enabling the international elites and their camp followers to pick up bargains.

It didn't happen in the Blitz but less than a week after the Opening Ceremony, London is closed for business.

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Appendix: MoodMapping will be in place for the 2016 Olympics, promoting objective measurement of mood, built in feedback, combined with physical measures of ability and performance.

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