Sunday, April 11, 2010

Clare Gerada censored at the Times - Competition

Doctor Bloggs enjoys public debate as much as the next doctor - the comment below about Miss Clare's PHP service did not get past the censors (aka Moderators). See the Times

Clare Gerada is already well known in the Blogosphere where she had the ultimate accolade - her own page on NHSExposedblog

The Practioners Health Programme - PHP

EXPENSIVE WALLPAPER This service cost £800,000 in its first two years. (and 180 doctors got in touch)

The bidding for the service excluded existing charities working in this area and led for example, to the closure of the Doctors Support Line, an anonymous confidential service already providing support for doctors.

Doctors risk their registration by approaching the Dr Clare Gerada and the PHP because the General Medical Council considers mental health difficulties within the profession as a regulatory offence.

Many trusts and employers will not employ doctors who have been before the General Medical Council, on principle, regardless of the circumstances of their referral.
This means that the problems of doctors mental health continues to be driven underground.

A doctor can be struck off for being depressed. Even if they are not struck off, they face years of investigation and "supervision" by their regulatory body that leads to a worsening of their mental health and suicide. A doctor has to have a solicitor, a barrister and a Defence Body, go before the General Medical Council to "prove themselves of sane mind"
In 2003/4 5% of doctors died who were under investigation by the General Medical Council for their mental health (9 of 214). If this death rate had occurred any where else, including an Intensive Care Unit, there would be investigation. After that, the General Medical Council stopped collecting the figures

This approach is more expensive Labour Wallpaper covering over the cracks. Not until the General Medical Council accepts that doctors can have mental health problems without their registration, careers and mental health being damaged further by investigations and "GMC Supervision" will the situation improve. The present approach combined with the publicity that Clare Gerada so blatantly seeks for her service do more damage than good.

This week's competition asks readers to suggest a reason Doctor Bloggs comment was censored

FYI - Miss Gerada, is the husband of Dr Simon Wesseley at Kings College of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome fame

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