Sunday, January 17, 2010

Up in the Air - George Clooney, Thinking Woman's Crumpet

If you see one film this year or even this decade, Up in the Air is a good choice. George Clooney does not disappoint. He does it for me, with humour, grace and elegance.

No point going on about it, it is a film about what happens today

Like "Duplicity", it is an androgenous film. Ryan Bingham could be a man or woman. Costar Alex says to Ryan "I am just like you but with a vagina". Ryan's conversation with Nicola the following morning "Did you wake him up or did you just slip away leaving him feeling like a whore" "I just slipped away" could have as easily been between two men or two women.This androgeny expresses Corporate America. Money does not know whether you are male or female, black, white, gay or straight and sex is just another item on in already crowded itinerary. The gay market might think of remaking it with Brokeback Mountain stars Heath Ledge and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Don't wait - see it!



angus said...

I am bereft Liz, what has Clooney got that I haven't, apart from good looks, money,intelligence, acting ability and a fan club the size of mars?

Copyright said...

Not much Angus, you are still in with a shout :-)

mark said...

Love your rantings, but find myself for the first time dissagreeing. Saw this film today, and it did little for me. Ok i;m a male so George is just George however the film was a little boring.
Maybe i need to up my EPA.

P/s Keep up the great work.

Doctor Bloggs said...

its a girl thing ;-)