Sunday, January 17, 2010

The MDU, MPS, GMC, £128 million a year fighting amongst ourselves

Follow the money

Each year a doctors spends £415 a year on the GMC - and the GMC spends £42 million prosecuting doctors

Value for money?? you are better off shopping at Tesco

The GMC spends £42 million prosecuting doctors

The Medical Protection Society (MPS) spends £43 million "defending" doctors
The Medical Defence Union (MDU) spends £23 million "defending" doctors

The GMC spends 42 million pounds a year prosecuting doctors in an elaborate charade that involves the top QCs in the country. Nothing but the best for Mssrs Naill Dickson and Peter Rubin. If you want to see this circus in action, the Wakefield case is on again. Free entry, Euston rd, running daily until summer. All because, ten years ago, the Lancet published a paper the drug companies didn't like.

Hardly surprising the public think the medical profession are in the hands of Big Pharma and the Vaccine Companies, especially after the swine flu fiasco.

The cost of a GMC hearing is about £100,000 on each side - whose making the profit here?

Lawyers of course!
Why would lawyers stop the gravy train? The nice doctors pay their wages. The more trouble you are in, the longer your hearing, the more the lawyers get paid. Why would they help? Its steady money as long as they don't rock the boat. One solicitor even sleeps in the same house as a legal employee of one defence society - hardly a "commercially neutral act".

Lawyers do not care that most doctors end up financially crippled, unemployable and mentally broken. Because a medical colleague didn't like you, because you picked a fight with big Pharma, because you had an episode of depression, or worst of all, you put your patients above management targets.

The MDU and MPS only want your subscriptions - once they have given the appearance of support, you are on your own and the GMC wants you broken and bankrupt.

If you are in trouble,
Get independent legal advice fast. Don't waste time with MDU or MPS lawyers - it will cost you more in the long run
Join a proper Union click here for more details
Make sure your household insurance or breakdown cover includes legal costs

Interesting quotes from the defence society websites - read the small print and follow the money

"MPS is not an insurance company. The benefits of membership are discretionary – this allows us the flexibility to provide help and support even in unusual circumstances." (and abandon you at the first opportunity)

The MDU:
"can" provide advice and representation should you find yourself the subject of a GMC or disciplinary investigation relating to clinical practice.

"The MDU is still a mutual company owned by our members, who include doctors, dentists and other healthcare professionals. The benefits of membership of the MDU are all discretionary and are subject to the Memorandum and Articles of Association."
If you want to be represented in your struggles with your employers and your regulatory body -
1 - get proper advice,
2 - make sure your household insurance covers legal costs,
3 - join a proper union like Unite

Don't waste your hopes, energy, time or chances of winning your case whilst the MDU or MPS are acting for you - it is not in their interests to defend you, but it is in their interests to keep the GMC sweet, after all, without the GMC where would they be?


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