Thursday, August 06, 2009

How to make a Flu vaccine

Where do viruses come from? and why are vaccines so profitable?

Viruses are made of DNA. The blue sphere represents the outside of the influenza virus, which contains the virus's DNA. Wikipedia (click here) describes the process by which vaccines are made. The blue sphere is broken apart and the bits of DNA rearranged into Plasmids and injected into the person.

Vaccinations are often described as "Killed viruses". Viruses are bits of DNA (sometimes RNA) that go from cell to cell. "Killing" a virus means breaking it up into pieces which releases its DNA to float freely. Instead people catching a whole virus, against which the human body can develop immunity, a vaccine gives someone bits of broken up DNA (or plasmids) against which the body has no defence. The DNA or plasmid leads to the production of antibodies (not dissimilar to those found in auto-immune disease). Antibodies are not the same as immunity.

Given how little we understand about DNA, cancer and autoimmune disease, I do not want bits of DNA injected through my skin into my body. Neither would I want it for my children. Especially when you understand where it comes from.

The viral DNA for flu vaccines has been grown in diseased monkeys in Africa by a company, Dynacorp which supplies the US military. Find out more details on this link Origin of Vaccines

Thanks but no thanks!! I'll live according to my principles, stick to a healthy diet and exercise regularly

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angus said...

I'll second that Liz, no thanks, mind you the healthy eating and exercise bit might be a problem:)

Dr. Liz Miller said...

Thanks, we can all do our best as far as being healthy is concerned!!

Anonymous said...

Viruses are made of DNA.

But not the swine flu virus!

Dr. Liz Miller said...

What do you think the swine flu virus is made of?