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Doctors worry about the stigma of mental illness

Doctors are worried about the stigma of having a mental illness Click here for the full story There are good reasons to be worried, because when doctors end up in the hands of the General Medical Council, their careers are over.

The General Medical Council has an old-fashioned view of mental ill health. If someone is not of "sound mind", then they are worse than Dr Shipman who was at least of" sound mind". The General Medical Council knows how dangerous doctors with mental health problems are, because they read the Sun. You know, the stories with headlines like "Psycho killer" - although to be fair to the Sun, even they have cleaned up their act.

The General Medical Council knows how much it helps a person's mental health to be put in trial in front of their peers, to have their psychiatric notes peered over by everyone from the Chairman to the Char lady.
1 - It stops doctors seeking help.
2 - It promotes stigma and discrimination. And
3 - It enhances the reputation of the medical profession.

Three birds with one stone! It worked in the middle ages, and it works now. It worked in Soviet Russia, where dissidents ended up in psychiatric wards.

The General Medical Council is weeding mental illness out of the medical profession. If you declare a mental illness, you won't be selected, if you have poor mental health as a student, - a bit of depression etc you will be suspended. And if the medical student conceals their mental health problems until later in their career, its easy - they get done for concealment! If you have feelings, get upset, or even too happy, leave medicine now. Those feelings will get you into trouble. Because if you have feelings, (as opposed to being a psychopath or sociopath) you are at RISK OF MENTAL ILLNESS.

Everyone with a "risk of mental illness", is a target for the General Medical Council. Health procedures include mental ill health and the "risk of mental ill health".

In 2003/4 9 of 215 doctors under GMC "supervision" by the health procedures, died. Three at least were suicide. Once this was brought to their attention, the GMC took appropriate action - they stopped collecting the information.

As Dr India and others will tell you, there is no escape from the Health Gulag. You cannot eliminate risk, so its safer to eliminate the doctor.

Nice work Philips, Catto, Rubin, Findlay and the soon to be appointed Niall Dickson

And Niall,
I will be disappointed if you don't carry on destroying doctors with mental health problems, or continue the quasi judicial show trials (Open to the public Monday to Friday lunchtime, London and Manchester) or the absurdities of medical regulation and revalidation. If you did try and do something positive, Dr Rita Pal and I might run out things to write about and that would be a shame.

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