Thursday, February 05, 2009

Valkyrie and the Scientologists

No film with Tom Cruise can be separated from his beliefs and his role as Scientologist. Tom Cruise is Scientology's leading man, and this film was made with the knowledge and approval of the Church of Scientology.

Valkyrie is the story of a group of men planning to replace Hitler's elected government in the middle of a war that Germany is already losing.

Tom Cruise (Claus von Stauffenberg) helps the plotters rethink their strategy. The civil defence plan Operation Valkyrie is rewritten so that when Cruise's assassination of Hitler succeeds, the Reserve Army is ready to take over Germany, and replace Hitler with Cruise's new Chancellor.

Tom Cruise places his explosives and leaves as the briefing room, with the Fuhrer inside, blows apart. Operation Valkyrie swings into action. Communications, the Reserve Army, and the Police move in behind as Tom Cruise sets up an alternative government. In what is almost a bloodless coup, most people only want to be on the winning side.

Cruise and his gang act from their deepest beliefs and values. They believe they are right and this makes them dangerous. They do whatever it takes, regardless of their own and others safety and regardless of the truth. They have infiltrated the highest level of German Command, hijacked Operation Valkyrie, the civil defence strategy, and taken over the Reserve Army.

The gang fail because their coup is based on a lie. However much Cruise convinces himself and others that Hitler is dead, the truth is that Hitler is alive, the assassination has failed and the truth is that people are not extraterrestial Thetans.

If the film reflects the extent to which the Church of Scientology has infiltrated democratic governments (Hitler was democratically elected) then this film contains a dark warning.

The Civil Defence in this country is posed to take over Britain "in the event of a terrorist threat". It is organised around the 13 NHS regions with a small but specific budget of 2.2 million per year, per region. As with Valkyrie, the UK Civilian Defence strategy, in conjunction with the Army Medical Services, has been rewritten. Louis Lillywhite, Head of the British Army Medical Services, like Gordon Brown, openly uses phrases such as "Cabinet Command and Control", and "New World Order"

We may have more than a Credit Crunch to worry about.

Copyright (c) Liz Miller


Anonymous said...

Well brainwashing is self evident in Scientologists. As you know there is evidence of donations to the Labour Party


Dr. Liz Miller said...

The film itself is grim, I can't recommend. And the meaning it might contain is equally sinister. The links between Scientology and NuLabour are, as you say, well documented. The role of the police in the film was interesting. The police chief reports to Cruise at the first opportunity.

peter a. said...

People will do strange things when they're desperate. Desperados! The aftermath of 9/11 showed how our values flew away in the general panic. Just as you wouldn't allow relatives of a victim to sit on a jury, we shouldn't let a frightened population influence us. Democracy makes politicians dangerous. We just have to be more careful what we write.