Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Stop rewarding failure - Ten Top Tips for a good recession

1 - Stop rewarding failure - Call a general election NOW and vote Gordon Brown and Labour's New World Order OUT!!
2 - Charge what it costs, meeting your Payroll not making a Profit is top priority
3 - Get out of debt and buy Gold
4 - Charge Credit Card users 10% extra, because that is what they cost
5 - Buy what you need and prepare for massive inflation
6 - Wake up and smell the Coffee - this is happening and its real
7 - Use your time well. It is your greatest renewable resource. This recession frees you up
-> Do the little jobs you have been putting off
-> Learn new skills
-> Work for free rather than let your talents go to waste
8 - Get rid of the tick boxes and remember the 3 Ps of Processes.
-> If a Process doesn't serve a Purpose, disPose of it.
-> Like make-up and medicines, if your
Processes don't make your business look and feel better, you are better off without them.
9 - Meet your Public -
-> Take the time to get to know your staff, your clients and your public
-> Learn their names, what they want and how you can help them get it.
10 Dress the Part -
-> Power dressing is back. Show you mean business
-> Red, Black Dark Brown, Double Breasted Pin Stripe suits
-> Padded shoulders and Fedora Hats

If all goes well we will come out of this recession better than we went into it. With richer communities, stronger beliefs and values, an end to wasteful management processes and tick box competency based training. This is about building an inclusive society and getting to know who we have become now NuLabour's short-term self-interested bureaucrats have strangled our institutions.

Copyright (c) Liz Miller


Anonymous said...

The archaeologist scrapes away soil and finds the one he's looking for.
She hides within the door.

The two of them stand on the site of a folly, flying birds of prey.
The claws dig deep into my glove. The mask the bird wears is
my every day.

The depression, distressin', may be just a recession;
but it will cut some lives away.
I can't hold your hand,
I'm on a steel wire set above a precipice.

My life on a thread as
it's sorted in my head.

Dr. Liz Miller said...

Thanks -