Friday, October 26, 2012

13 doctors dead and counting

Dr Niall Dickson CEO  GMC

Last year 13 doctors died whilst under investigation by the GMC Fitness to Practice Directorate. If the GMC were an cardiac intensive care unit, an army recruiting barracks ( eg Deep Cut) or a geriatric ward, there might be an inquiry.

Yet when the methods used by a institution which puts itself forward as a world class centre of regulation,  are, year after year, associated with a dozen or more deaths, no one comments. Such is the staunch hypocrisy of those now ensconced in the governing institutions of this county that only appearances matter. As long as the GMC is not mentioned on the death certificate, no one is going to hold them to account.

The General Medical Council determines good medical practice, investigates complaints and breaches of that code of conduct, prepares the investigation, prosecutes, sets up the panels that decide on the evidence, set the penalty and enforces the sanctions.

And that makes North Korea look like a democracy

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