Sunday, July 01, 2012

It's "Oh Fishal" Mervyn King Fesses Up - Fish Rot From The Head Down

Bob, David Cameron, Bob Diamond, Mervyn King, Stephen Hester, Nick Clegg meet up before the G404 summit

King Mervyn, The Bob of Diamonds and Stephen Jhester admit that their culture of "Party Party Party" is set to go on well into the night. That is until the currency reset or  the "Wipe the Slate Clean" moment. As the Truth dawns, Bankers scuttle off to their earth boxes, the Nasty Gnome Party takes over and puts the Bankers on Trial.

Meanwhile the Bankers buy their way out of trouble, with Italian Gold and a "Get out of Jail Free" card.

Shooting rotten fish is a crime as according to the Financial Services Authority, the Bankers have done nothing wrong. Bob the Alchemist (GNP) is pleased with their aptitude for deceit, self interest and daylight robbery.

And this weeks question is Who Wins 2,400 tons of Italian Gold?

1) The Nasty Gnome Party
2) Goldman Sachs courtesy Mario Monti (Prime Italy - ex Goldman Sachs)
3) Mario Draghi - President European Central Bank (also ex Goldman Sachs)  
4) JP Morgan - they steal everything that is not nailed down
5) Silvio Berlusconi - the Once and Future Prime Minister
6) El Cosa Nostra

Against the Odds

Paddy Power are offering

1) GNP   3 - 1 (Joint Favorite)
2) Goldman Sachs 3 - 1 (Joint Favorite)
3) ECB 4 - 1 
4) JP Morgan  9 - 2 
5) Silvio Berlusconi  20 - 1 
6) El Cosa Nostra 50 - 1

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