Sunday, June 24, 2012

Meet The Nasty Gnome Party

After many months in exile, the Nasty Gnomes have re-grouped under new leadership. Their mentor is the late Lord Doctor Robert Glendinning Miller. Lord Robert's father, Lord Doctor Sinclair Glendinning Miller was also a physician, as was his father and grandfather before him. Their ancestry can be traced back to the original Greek physicians, Mrs Galen and Mr Hippocrates, the Mother and Father of modern medicine. Under the new Lord's leadership, in alliance with the Evil Cats, the Nasty Gnome Party corrupted their skills, and made them as black as an Antarctic Solstice.

The Nasty Gnome Party disseminates propaganda in return for power, money and influence, see Party Donations and Board Appointments

Biography and Specialism

Specialism : Astrology Propaganda and Media Relations

Specialism : Alchemy Finance Turned himself to gold and everything else to plastic

Doctor Tracey Bloggs
Specialism : Apothecary Medical Scientology and the only woman in the group

Prince Fredericke Wilhelm Saxe Coburg und Gothe
Specialism : Necromancy Cult Development and Culture Secretary

Specialism : Blairite Managerialism and Chancellor The Institute Ovv

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