Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Swine Flu, wheezing and hypersensitivity to flour

Doctor Bloggs was not easily convinced that Swine flu existed. However two months ago her partner succumbed and hasn't been the same since. Internet searches showed the major symptom is coughing

"More wheeze than sneeze".

Swine flu was all too convenient - Liam Donaldson, Chief Medical Officer Department of Health, was about to retire and needed to top up his pensions, hence he was buying shares in Glaxo and telling everyone else to get vaccinated. Roche could not sell its out-of-date and ineffective Tamiflu, and swine flu vaccine was on the shelves before the germ was officially identified. GPs argued about how much they should be paid for vaccinating people with an untested vaccine. Dangerous work, someone might die at the end of their needle.

Doctor Bloggs change of heart comes from seeing her partner succumb to the effects of the virus. An Alfie coughed all over him on the tube six weeks ago, and Dearly Beloved hasn't been right since. His wheeze is as bad as a chain smoking coal miner with pneumoconiosis. It seems people whose immunity is compromised are most at risk, not that there was anything wrong with his immunity. However his symptoms are made worse by bread and flour

"The Whiter your Bread, the sooner you're Dead" (Arbuthnot Lane, 1913).

Dearly Beloved is finally recovering - as long as he avoids gluten, wheat and flour. A recent relapse was triggered by a gluten free loaf containing cornflour.

Wheeze means allergy and in Dearly Beloved's case it seems to be an allergy to bread in all its guises. And the cure - not cheap but definitely effective. A tot of brandy before he goes to bed and the better the brandy, the more soundly he sleeps.

"A dash of brandy comes in handy"

What does this mean? Swine flu seems to a virus triggering an allergic reaction to a common item of processed food. Keep healthy, exercise regularly, avoid processed food and find the cause of your wheeze. Difficult if you are young, apparently-fit, and dying on intensive care from an unrecognised, hypersensitivity reaction?

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angus said...
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angus said...

Interesting post Liz, I hope your significant other fully recovers and you manage to avoid the same.

Managed to get my brain cell in gear and spell properly.

blackdog said...

I've had similar problems and I hypothesised from my research that I may be a victim of 'leaky gut', which is not really an accepted ailment. It seems to stem from subclinical hypothyroidism, characterised by low temperature at rising. Eliminating all grains, seed oils and boosting Vit D3, together with increasing Omega 3 intake to ensure it exceeds Omega 6 intake, which is in widespread use by food cartels as a replacement for saturates, even in mayonnaise, has greatly improved my health.

A so called 'paleo diet' then has been beneficial, based on the view that n-6 in the normal diet is responsible for many problems of inflamatory origin. Interestingly my partner, who is diabetic, was using n-6 as an insulin mimetic for days when exercise was problematic. She rapidly developed a worrying wart on her eyelid that became inflamed and bled. Cessation of the n-6 protocol and the addition of n-3 rapidly dispersed it, and it shrank and is now completely gone. This is of course purely anecdotal, and cannot constitute evidence, but my own relief of arthritis pain from n-6 intake is enough to convince me of it's considerable power. I would also warn not to increase n-3 too much, as my research indicates it can lead to oxidation of the excess.

I believe that an excess of grains, especially wheat, of the hybridised type we have today is contributory to the increase in autoimmune disorders. I do not think humans are yet adapted to consume this foodstuff. I trust your partner benefits from the removal from his diet.

Doctor Bloggs said...

I agree with you - diet is key and the medical profession does not take food intolerance/ leaky gut/ omega 3- 6 requirements and ratios sufficiently seriously. I think they are serious - Dearly Beloved became ill after eating a product with cornflour in it.

Time to stop advertising "whole grains" as though they were a good thing! There are three places in the body where mast cells (histamine producing cells) lurk - the skin, the gut and the lungs

Major western disease - eczema and acne, irritable bowel and asthma / chronic obstructive airways diseases. These conditions are unheard of outside of western lifestyles
Beware! food intolerances may lead to SKIN, BOWEL and LUNG problems

blackdog said...

Should have said "n-3 intake" not n-6. Must be having an 'Angus moment'. Love the reference to 'beloved', if you've got one, flaunt it, I always say, and indeed do.

Anonymous said...

The "significant other" has had a rough 48 hours though has been nursed back to a position where he can sit still without coughing or wheezing.

It is the wheeze that was so disabling. I am looking forward to avoiding all those foods - which paradoxically I really enjoy - that precipitated each "attack". This episode has been going on for almost three months without my identifying the causative elements - but thankfully Dr Bloggs rescued me from this dire predicament by identifying each element.

Bread, pastry, whiskey are all triggers. It is quite easy to see how this putative cross-reactivity might cause "healthy" deaths on contemporary ICU's, or, wipe out millions in an epidemic - like 1918.

Espana said...

Thanks for posting this article. I'm unquestionably frustrated with struggling to search out germane and intelligent commentary on this matter. Everybody now goes to the very far extremes to either drive home their viewpoint that either: everyone else in the planet is wrong, or two that everyone but them does not really understand the situation. Many thanks for your concise, pertinent insight.