Monday, March 01, 2010

Predeterminations - The GMC expects every panel to do its bidding

"We are surprised by the decision to apply conditions in this case.

Our view was the doctor's name should have been erased from the medical register following the panel's finding of serious professional misconduct." Niall Dickson on the Barton case

If the GMC panel's are independent of the GMC, the GMC would not have a view of the possible outcome of the case. But that comment suggests that the GMC did have a view of outcome.

We know the GMC recruits panelists, selects panelists for each case, briefs them in advance, provides advice throughout cases, audits their verdicts and pays them between £300 and £500 a day

The GMC must decide the outcome in advance of the case because an adjudicator (The Panel) should not communicate with the investigator (The GMC).

Therefore - GMC panel verdicts are predetermined!

For those who know even a little law, this goes against every principle of natural justice.

We can therefore assume that the panellists were briefed to give the verdict they did

Niall Dickson having a "Nelson Moment"

Like Nelson expecting every man to do his duty, Niall Dickson expects every GMC panellist to do GMC bidding. He has only been there a month and already he understands how the GMC works

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Doctor Bloggs said...

peter a. said...


Silence, then the birds, cars to the school.
Beat away, little heart, another unhealthy day.
Today the dustbinmen come.

The Web's just reflecting society Krotoski says.
The powerful get their say.
I don't know where all these wires will lead.
Smiley on the radio.
Mental health behind.
Only dreams of the blue sky and
Communication with the devil (Gordon Brown).

Doctor Bloggs said...

peter a. said...

It's nice that we can speak out against tyranny. If tyranny's there, it shouldn't get to the stage of intimidating us: much as it hopes to.

We can have a giggle about history, the kings and queens in their ruffs. Henry and his heavy-handed approach to those who don't make the grade.

Perhaps Parliament didn't want to be bothered. Govern yourselves behind closed doors and we won't bother you, was that it? Those troublesome squabbling doctors, get them out of our hair with a strong GMC -- everything done in private, in the days of the old print media. I can see the temptation.

Doctor Bloggs said...


Good Comments and a beautiful poem peter a.

Everyone assumes that authorities can be trusted, this is not the case if it ever was

The GMC does what it wants and expects the everyone to fall into line