Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Today's doctors - Smugness and Greed beyond compare

This post has been voted top post on a private medical forum, - the number of votes it has received has reached almost records levels, with more than 750 voting for it directly. In addition, upwards of 150 doctors added their support directly with similarly expressed sentiments

These are not the exact words but I hope, conveys the spirit and intention of many doctors of today. My own comments as an Editor, are in brackets.

"Why I won't feel bad about my earnings

The media is full of vindictive suggestions against over paid family doctors, originating from the government. People have noticed this and are making offensive remarks, even family members are commenting on what I must be earning and how much I can afford.

I won't be made to feel bad about this:

for several reasons

[Like the bankers - Ed]

1) I gave up my teenage years and early twenties and spent a lot of time studying and taking exams, especially working a 100 hour weeks [not for long because they went out within a couple of years of me qualifying - Ed] when those who are objecting to my large income were having fun

2) Doctors are well paid - more now than in the past. This is one of the reasons I became a doctor. Lots of other could have done the same, if they too had worked hard

3) My job is stressful and responsible and the consequences of making a mistake can be disastrous for patients and my career alike. I expect i would be held accountable for those mistakes so it is nice to get paid when I get it right [In other words I will do anything for money - Ed]

4) I run an efficient business employing local people [paid for by a steady stream of government money which won''t dry up in a recession - Ed] I get paid the difference between what I can squeeze out of the government for a monopoly service and what it costs me to deliver that service [In other words I buy cheap and sell dear - the traditional business model - Ed]

I have never even threatened to go on strike [Because I know which side my bread is buttered - Ed]

........... And so it goes on - probably for close to a 1,000 words.

It finishes with a question as why he (or she) shouldn't demand more money to give out swine flu immunisations.

This post was written and voted on while others are wondering why is the government set on giving the sick and elderly an untested vaccine against a mild if inconvenient illness.

If you pay people enough, they do what you want and make up reasons as to why they are worth it. The doctor in question may have "studied hard" but it seems he (or she) has not learnt much.

It finishes with the phrase
"Well as far as I am concerned I deserve to be well paid and I dont care what anyone thinks- not even my mum." This sums up modern medicine and today's doctors. Goodness only knows what tomorrows doctors will be like

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angus said...

I notice that there is not one mention of patients, or helping people.

maybe the doctor should change careers and be a banker:)

Dr. Liz Miller said...

you mean there is a difference ? :-)

nikhimenon said...

this s about yet another great hoax.......the swine flu hoax...

i think bein a health professional yu shud read it...

Dr. Liz Miller said...

Thanks and I echo your sentiments concerning swine flu - That is a great article! thanks for the chance to see it

nikhimenon said...


I am also extremely thankful to you for having spent some time in reading an article by a much junior doctor.

thank you sir.

Dr. Liz Miller said...

That is fantastic - a young doctor who is prepared to question and think for themselves - I am sorry I hadn't realised you were also a doctor I am pleased and priviledged to make your aquaintance

But take care, there are few people with your intellect and idealism and people may try and attack you for it

Anonymous said...

Matters are very serious for the medical profession when they are being compared with lawyers and bankers.

The latter two professions seem to have lapsed into comparison with serial rapists.