Thursday, September 03, 2009

Medical Defence Union and Medical Protection Society

How much are you as a doctor worth to an Medico Legal Adviser? If you use their solicitors your case is worth tens of thousands of pounds! And, in most professions, such a referral is worth 10% of the case fee.

How much are the defence unions, medical legal representatives paid? not a lot, 60 - 80 K with a bit more at the higher levels. Peanuts for a doctor in todays market.

Legal bills for the medical profession, between the GMC and solicitors and MDU are probably in the region of a 100 million pounds a year. I will do the exact calculation when I start investigating the behaviour of the defence unions and General Medical Council in more detail

Is someone getting a kickback? It looks as though they are. It smells as though they are. It feels as though they are. Because Medico legal advisers and MDU solicitors truss doctors up like they were chickens in the queue for the supermarket. The solicitors want Capability Hearings, they want GMC hearings. This is their steady income. More often than not, you are better off with without a solicitor than one from the MDU.

Follow the money

There has to be a reason for this behaviour. And the reason is usually money. Perhaps the solicitors are even paying the Trust representatives. Once greed gets into a system, it is like water, there is no stopping the flow.

If you use MDU legal services, look at what is happening to you very carefully. Is it is in your best interests?

In the meantime, the GMC just sit back and prepare for their Sunday roast, and lo and behold! The bird arrives gutted, filleted and ready to cook

Copyright (c) Dr. Liz Miller

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