Sunday, September 13, 2009

Americans with Chips - Hidden Clauses in the Obama Health Bill

I believe in health care for all, even though I believe in Western medicine works best for trauma, the NHS is a bureaucratic madness and that the American Health Care Bill will not solve America's health care problems.

I am as sceptical of that legislation as the most rabid republican especially when you find that on p 1000 of the legislation, the US government is preparing a central register of implantable devices with unique identifiers linked up to all other government databases.

Click here and go to p1000, of the Health Care Plan and there you will find the legislation that allows the US government to run a register of individuals who have recieved an implantable device. Once a device is in place, by law you will be on this register. The next step is to use implanted devices instead of passports and identity cards. A small step for mankind, and a great and terrifying leap towards one world government.

And note again, George Orwell's book Animal Farm is a warning, not an instruction manual.

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with thanks to Feed Your ADHD and a comment on Fido the Dog for the trail that led to this post

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Anonymous said...

In 2007, I was in the witness room at the GMC having gone there to offer information regarding 'patient B', Paula Rowe, a witness being used against Dr Russell Reid who is a nice chap who saved my life twice after I had managed to finally get a private referral to him in 1988. He then did it again in 1991 when I was in serious troble with a referral to a magician for assistance: Fay Presto.

The patient being used against him had already told a pack of lies in the Guardian which would have disqualified her as a witness in any respectable court.

I met the Commissioner for Health for Hillingdon there who assumed I was there in a professional capacity. She said Reid was an interesting case because he was always referring people to the people he wanted to refer them to and not the people she wanted him to refer them to.

I countered that as far as I was concerned, he is a chap who saved my life and the abuse I had suffered from the rest of the medical profession destroyed my health and career.

A chap came in and she mentioned she was going to Oxford. When he'd left I mentioned that I had been educated at the Dragon and Radley and my Grandfather had been the GP in North Oxford.

She started saying that she tried to help people - I said well done!

Eventually, she put a copy of The Times in front of her face and said we better not discuss it - I said why not?

The NHS is useless, full of bureau crats, overpaid managers and over-paid ignoramouses - especially when it comes to mental health . I despise the major of shrinks- we need not to have them