Sunday, August 23, 2009

Squatting, saving your pelvic nerves!!

Good posture is important for a strong back healthy hips and good knees. Modern chairs, with soft seats and too much support may help an ailing body, but do little to prevent arthritis and a bad back.

Squatting is good not just for sitting and resting but also for effective bowel opening and natural childbirth. It protects the nerves of the pelvis and the pelvic nerves are critical for good pelvic function.

Squatting seems more natural and this excellent little film gives it to you straight from the studio of Asian American Film Click here for a link

Serious Health Warning! The Wrong Trousers

Please only do this exercise in Baggy Trousers. An important person with a highly respectable position did the Asian Squat for the first time in his office at work. The result was that in the ensuing battle between his trousers and his lower torso, the torso won and the trousers gave way to reveal what I believe can only be called a bottom.

Although in the film it shows grown men doing this exercise in a suit, these were actors and experienced squatters.

.... and errr.... yes I did laugh when he told me and I realise it was probably not that funny, cept I am still chuckling

Thank you Dr X for telling me and allowing me to tell everyone.

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