Monday, August 17, 2009

Health Protection Agency and Swine Flu

First do no Harm or primum nil nocere if you prefer Latin
The Hippocratic Oath

Professor Elizabeth Miller has admitted her personal concerns over the possibility that swine flu vaccine may not be all its cracked up to be. For further information click here and here The Association of British Neurologists has been asked to monitor cases of Guillame Barre syndrome following Swine Flu vaccine. The 1976 American experience of vaccinating against flu, caused a significant number of people paralysis.

Imagine waking up not able to walk, then not able to move your arms, and finally not being able to breath. Then imagine the awful feeling of suffocation, and the relief of being on a ventilator. With time, you may learn to breath again, even to sit up and feed yourself. But you may not learn to walk again. A bit like hang gliding off a mountain, crashing and ending up in a wheelchair. But with Guillame Barre, you didn't take the risk, the government took it on your behalf. Because Big Pharma wanted your money, two billion dollars to be precise.

Swine flu is what we used to call a "summer cold". The treatment is a couple of days off in the sunshine. End of. If you want to be vaccinated with raw swine flu DNA grown in diseased monkeys (because that is the way vaccines are made) it is up to you. Personally I would give it a miss, and if you are pregnant definitely do not take medication or have any kind of vaccination.

Stay healthy - Exercise, Eat a healthy diet and Be happy!

This is greed. After the bankers helped themselves to our money, scraping up what's left is Big Pharma.


Trevor Malcolm, Portsmouth, Hampshire said...

The H1N1 swine flu virus does indeed bear a resemblance to the virus strain that caused the 1918 flu pandemic

But significant differences in 2009 include the 3 per cent boost in next year’s earnings per share that Big Pharma, notably GlaxoSmithKline, Citigroup projections expect to receive from worldwide sales of the vaccine to prevent H1N1

As well as sales of "Relenza" - an anti-viral that claims to treat swine flu, apparently

For some idea how much extra “money for old rope” this amounts to, the US federal government’s CDCs (Centres for Disease Control) just announced it believes an estimated 52 million doses of H1N1 vaccine will need to be available in America by October 2009

Then, rising to 195 million by year-end. So much for projections and estimates in America

Here, in the UK, this morning, feeling this news hardly worth of me breaking off my Buddhist Mindfulness meditation for, nevertheless, the UK government pamphlet shoved through my letterbox, (before the posties went on strike), made me speculate what would be the most appropriate, practical measures to take?

That, in turn, reminded me of the reactions of Dad’s Army tv sitcom actor, Clive Dunn, playing Corporal Jones, opposite the pompous Captain, Arthur Lowe

At the first hint of risk – follow Corporal Jones’ example - I’m convinced we should all begin rehearsals: turning round in circles until we’re giddy as headless chicken, whilst yelling, “ … don’t panic, Mr Mannering, don’t panic, panic, don’t panic, … “

Oddly, swine flu “scare headlines” shouldn’t be difficult to shove off tabloid front-page headlines

For example, perhaps the sudden death of the Queen’s husband-consort, Prince Philip, already aged 87, might encourage the nation out of fear and into mourning, (unless tabloids claim he died of swine flu, of course)

Or, what about the demise of a senior cabinet minister? (No shortage of unhealthy-looking candidates, there). Then, we move out of fear and into smug satisfaction – well done, swine flu, victim selected, job completed. Good riddance, he’ll not trouble us at next year’s General Election anymore.

Trevor Malcolm
Portsmouth Hampshire



Dr. Liz Miller said...

Yes you are right, what we need is someone famous to die of Swine Flu.

I don't think Michael Jackson is out of the frame. After all no one wants to think of Michael Jackson's , Dr Conrad Murray, as Hollywood's answer to Dr Shipman

Other candidates include Rod Hull and Steve Irwin