Sunday, December 28, 2008

Make The GMC Accountable, The Remedy is in your Hands

"Self regulation is dead and long may it remain dead"

Professor, Sir, Lord, Master at Legs, Wizard of the 29th d'Greed Catto declaimed in July 2007, at an MPS conference.

The General Medical Council is an unelected (elections were abolished towards the end of 2006) unaccountable, self appointed Nu Labour quango with a policy to cull and kill doctors "Pour encourager les autres"


The GMC is ably supported in this role by the British Medical Association, the Royal Colleges, The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, the Department of Health and any crackpot organisation that has a grudge against doctors.

As long as a doctor only ever does the "The Wrong kind of Misconduct" they can slice up babies in their backyards. On the other hand if a doctor thinks a thought outside NICE guidelines, they will be publicly keel-hauled. If they want a job in the UK because they happen to be a good doctor, they will thrown on the scrap heap.

"The Wrong Kind of Misconduct" is Nu Speak for allowing Medical Managers to be unaccountable and protected from complaints to the GMC. It is called being on the Medical Register but temporarily putting your license to practice aside in order to slip through the net of being a trustworthy and honest person. No worries, if you ever have to step down from being a Medical Manager, your license to practice is being kept nice and clean in GMC towers.

Remedy UK is challenging Medical Management in the GMC. The GMC decided that it was OK to be an utterly incompetent manager as long as you didn't do it anywhere near a patient. As if, all of a sudden, the only thing that affected a patient's chance of survival was the doctor in the room at the moment the patient died.

Remedy UK is challenging the GMC to make Management accountable. You know - the type of management that is busy protecting private practice, handing lucrative contracts to their speculator friends and destroying the NHS.

This same management has destroyed the career structure of doctors. What better way to undermine UK medicine than by making sure that the training schemes are oversubscribed and rubbish. It breaks my heart, when I qualified, young British doctors were considered the best in the world. Years of corrupt medical management and now MTAS will make certain we can never again write our qualifications with pride.

This is a message for everyone who is a) a doctor, b) knows any doctors and c) is ever likely to need a doctor


REMEDY UK needs your money and your support, most of all your money - 100 K for starters. This is about saving the NHS, because nothing else will.


And if you want to save money - ditch the BMA. If you still want to read their journal - £40 a year on line, you know it makes sense.

Copyright (c) Dr. Liz Miller

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