Saturday, December 06, 2008

In whose interest a Healthy Nation? The cult of "Research & Medicine"

Research is dominated by the pharmacological industry, which has decided that the only permissible "research" is testing one drug against another, abusing animals and unravelling DNA. This "research" can only treat, not prevent or cure, disease due to western lifestyle. In part, because there are almost no realistic animal models of human disease. Even a laboratory animal is rarely as stressed and constipated as the average westerner.

Ideas coming from outside the pharmaceutical industry are seen as heresy and lead to vilification by the medical specialists and from the popular press. A doctor thinking outside the box risks death by a thousand cuts, excommunication and permanent exile to the wilderness. Thus was it ever, Galileo, and Semelweiss included.
Research has become a cult worshipping DNA, instead of working to prevent disease.

Arab children do not get asthma, unless they eat western "food". Pain is the result of nerve damage - neuropathic pain. Modern childbirth causes 90% of women's gynaecological problems. Even twenty years ago, diabetes was rare. Modern diseases are not drug deficiency diseases, they are the direct consequences of a modern western lifestyle.

But this information does not make money, whereas Western disease does make money.

Big Pharma - the sicker the population, the more drugs they sell
Health insurance companies - the higher the premium, the more money they collect
Government - the healthcare industry grows regardless of recession or depression

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peter a. said...

The pharmaceutical people are as much a part of the modern way as newspaper people or the rest of us. We are simultaneously victims and perpetrators.

Until moral motives become accepted grounds for not paying a bill, the pharmaceutical industry will continue to be as commercial as the steel industry. I understand idealists but don't understand where the money's going to come from.

In the end - the final analysis - survival is more dependent on deception than openness. It's Shakespearian not just pharmaceutical. (There are moments I wish I were dead.)

tikno said...

Abusing animals for testing new medicine, for the sake of human life. A dilemma!
Don't tells to animal lovers.

Dr. Liz Miller said...

I think we have done all the research we need to for a while. The next step is to understand the results we already have.

That is hard, wrestling with contradictions in order to find a way to resolve the paradox.

The modern scientist , takes the easy way out, does another experiment, adds another publication to his cv, without resolving anything or getting any closer to the truth.

My position is that we should do no further experiments until we understand the ones we have done. The End.

If someone has a point they cannot resolve, they need to think harder, and ask other peoples' opinion, instead of being lazy and just thinking up a new experiment.

Dr. Liz Miller said...

Your reference to Shakespean deception is fascinating and all too true. The truth is too strong a drug, even when sugar coated to be swallowed undiluted.

tikno said...

I believe you do a responsible experiment, wishing the discovery of new medicine will useful for humankind, so as their sacrifice was not in vain, and was useful for science.
I pray for your success.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering why you put a picture up of a monkey that was injured by another monkey. Was it for the shock value? This isn't a result of research other than two monkeys being brought together for the same purpose.

Dr. Liz Miller said...

Yes you are right, humans are the most vicious monkeys on the planet