Sunday, September 07, 2008

Paralympics opening ceremony - Bejing

Who else found the Bejing Paralympics Opening Ceremony a little weird? Thousands of multicoloured little fetuses making funny aimless little movements?

On the one hand, the Chinese have made great efforts to make the Paralympics at least a shadow of the Olympics, on the other hand, it was bizarre. The artistry of the Olympics Opening Ceremony had become sinister. This was a pageant of thousands of distressed little souls, nameless, unidentifiable, colour coded and numbered. Maybe its only my imagination but who were these childlike people? without faces or identities known only by a colour and a number.

The Olympics showed us the glory of Chinese unity. Thousands of drummers drummed to a single beat, giving us the collective history of China. The Olympic rings lifted off as a giant globe of the Earth appeared. And as the sphere rose up into the stadium the world changed from blue oceans and green continents to a uniform Chinese Red.

Meanwhile, the Paralympics brought us helpless, infantalised teletubbies.

Is this China's vision for the future? We have been warned.

"Truth is beauty and beauty truth, this is all you know and need to know"

Copyright (c) Dr. Liz Miller

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