Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lest we forget

Thank you Rita, and NHS exposed for highlighting the case of Debraj

Last year Belinda also died, on the day of her discharge from a psychiatric ward. Yes questions need to be asked about that too. Belinda, or Binks, as she was better known had spent many years being hounded by the GMC

In 2003/4, 9 of 215 doctors under investigation by the General Medical Council died. 3, at least, were suicide and known to me personally.

Binks was a compassionate, courageous, and well-loved General Practitioner, who left a wider legacy. Binks went through the GMC Health procedures and went back to work. She wrote about her experiences in “Doctors as Patients

Through her work with the Doctors Support Network she helped other doctors going through what they also found to be degrading and destructive experience. Binks worked with the GMC to improve the way they treat doctors and help humanise that process. Binks raised funding to set up the Doctors Support Line 0870 7650001. This remains the only confidential, anonymous support line for doctors. In addition, Binks worked each year for Crisis at Christmas.

Outside medicine, Binks was a respected and popular hockey and squash player. A Junior Team Memorial Tournament has been set up in her memory. She leaves her parents, her brother and her cherished niece and nephews, Max, Stephanie and Milly.

As was Vanessa Lloyd-Davies

Maj. Vanessa Lloyd-Davies (44) first British female medical officer to head the Household Cavalry, a historic regiment of the British Army commonly identified by its mounted ceremonial duties seen at events such as the Queen's Birthday Parade. Lloyd-Davies was awarded a military MBE in 1993 for her work in Bosnia, where she attended badly wounded children under mortar fire. She suffered from severe depression and committed suicide in England on February 16, 2005.

Dr Susan Hamilton, Doctors Support Line volunteer

and for all those not here named

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That is saddening.

Doctors in London should also be aware of Mednet, a confidential consultation service by doctors for doctors. It is staffed by consultant psychiatrists in psychotherapy and operates on the basis of strict confidentiality.

More information is available here: