Saturday, October 28, 2006

Young Chelsea Cats YCC

I am just beginning to notice how often cats feature in blogs. People write far more about cats, than dogs, yet as many people own cats as dogs. My best friend (BF) says that cats have a lower encephalisation index than dogs, - which is his way of saying cats aren't as bright as dogs. Certainly, mine seem to be having trouble with learning to 'Sit', 'Stay' and 'Heel', even when there are sardines on offer, but they do have other charms.

Is a blog writer more likely to own a cat than a dog, or are cats easier to write about ? Are cat owners like their pets, contemplative and sensitive to their environment whilst dog owners are out getting the action, and getting paid for their work? In which case, if I want action, do I have to get a dog? Should I start putting together a large menagerie to cope with my highly inconsistent personality?

Recently while I was getting the tea and buns in a restaurant, a waitress came over and started stroking the YCCs who were happily curled up together on a chair. She asked BF what the cats names were. Without missing a beat, BF says "This one is 'Stupid', the other one is 'Very Stupid', and 'Extremely Stupid' who bought them, is getting the coffee"......

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Dr. Liz Miller said...

Since writing the above, BF has started referring to me as the George Galloway of Fulham.

I sometimes think BF deserves to die a slow lingering death and have his tongue cut out and put in a jar in the Natural History Museum, as an example of an organ sharp enough to cut human flesh and feeling to the bone;-)

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